October 8, 2010

OMG $1!!

yes please! i'll take 1 of everything!

 doll pins! i've been looking everywhere for these things!
and they were the only thing that was not $1
keep scrolling down to see what i'm doing with them..

 one can never have to much bling!

 a flower mini!

 a little birdie 

 a red birdie... 
which i plan to use on a christmas album

 a round mini...
not share about this one..
but for $1... i'll figure it out!

tree mini

tabbed mini

heart mini

printed tape..
this stuff comes in handy!

and here's the doll pin project

 which my little fluffy mozart found very interesting

orange before

orange after
 this is how i have been keeping my ribbon

 thrown into a jar...

 but it tends to get really tangled and then
finding the one i need.. is always a hassle..

so dolls pins are here to save the day!

yeah! so much neater in the jar!

looks like i need to go yellow ribbon shopping... geez!

 now i have 11 other jars to do

 think i'll be heading back to micheal's
maybe i'll find some more $1 treasures!


  1. It looks soooooooooo much better!! I'm glad you found them!! :)

  2. thanks! it's going to be great to have all the jars done!