October 28, 2010

after all.. it's called scrap..booking!

scrapbooking is just that!.. creating memory books with scraps
 and sometimes with all the gorgeous product out there.. its so easy to forget..
but every once in a while for me.. its all about the scraps themselves!

this is what i do to use all my scraps

after a project is completed i dump all the scraps in this green bin
...after a while it starts seriously to fill up...

and when it get something like this...

its that time again.. time to organize..

so.. to make it fun i use my...
and cut all kinds of die-cuts.. sometimes for days on end..
(see all my cartridges here)
then once the scraps are a little more contained

i reorganize them into accordion folders

 i have 6 file folders
3 for patterned paper
3 for solid cardstock
divided by size (then color)
(2) 12x12
(2) 6x12
(2) 4x6

 right now.. the solids are soo full i can't even close them!

 it looks like a rainbow! :)

then.. for the fun part.. all the die-cuts i've just cut go in their own file system

  there are 4 different sizes of protectors which i organize the die-cuts into

(1st) 12x12 sheet protectors

which hold the boarders

i've sewn up the sheet protectors to create pockets

which protects them.. + there easier to find!

(2nd) 8.5x11protectors 

which hold the larger cuts (these are normally dramatic.. and super fun to use!)

(3rd) 12x12 divided into (6) 4x6 pockets

 these are the most fun!

(4th) 8.5x11 divided by (9) small pockets

these are the ones i use the most!

now.. i'm heading back to do some scrapbooking!

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