October 26, 2010

craft room makeover

and boy did my room need it!


before ~ entry way through the french doors

before ~ built in bookshelves at entry

before ~ built in bookshelves and paris picture

Before ~ room in quite the state... can't believe i'm admitting to how messy is was!.. 

Before ~ desk, ribbon storage in jars, tv station and random mess.. 
yes, that's windex on the floor!... at least i have good intentions..

Before ~ closet.. SOOOOO sorry about this messy mess!

Before ~ this is the only before picture that doesn't look too bad.. 
(it helped to crop out the messy floor!)

NOW.. (drum roll please) the after pictures!

 how amazing is this!
my own tool time table!

 desk and paper storage
with that gorgeous curtain (which i made)
cubed storage upon storage.. upon amazingly stunning storage!
i'm in love with the color blocking!

and the main reason i've done the switch..

a cricut station

a sewing station
(by the way.. this is the machine i learn to sew on.. and i LOVE it.. i don't care what it looks like or how old it is.. i could take it completely apart and back together again!... love it!

and the most important (now that i'm working again)
a (touch screen) computer station!

the table/desk is also big enough for a friend to scrap... 
which is something i really didn't have space for before!

come back tomorrow and check out all the details of what and how i did everything..
+ how i made this..

"colorful" banner! 
lovin it!

so what do you think about my new space?!

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  1. Wow your space is bueatiful and so put together...
    The Scrapbooking Queen