October 27, 2010

craft room makeover part 2

to continue..
i thought i would show you the process of trasformation

mozart thought this was major entertainment!

the whole transformation took 2 days

never unplugged the TV.. but watched movies the whole time!

wow! i can start to see the floor!

this is the new view from sitting at my desk

so excited about the cricut station!.. had to  make something right away!

and the banner totally makes it!

the computer station which i'm loving!.. don't know that i ever need to leave my craft room/work room now!

as for the built in bookshelves..

completed mini books

ribbon by color
the little jars are buttons by color

uncompleted minis ~ most of which are left blank on propose
~ for baby pictures.. lord knows i won't have time with a little baby to create all these.. 
so there just waiting for cute baby pics...

here are a couple up close shot of the book shelf

the marine is my little brother paul who is currently stationed at camp lejeune

then for the storage area..

acrylic stamps

solid cardstock by color

quote and file draw with mini embellishments

should get more of these.. it has been my favorite way of storing embellishments!

the eiffel tower my brother made for me

boxes.. which i use all the time!

when cleaning out.. i went from 7 12x12 cropper hopper paper storage containers.. to these 2!
looks i need to do some paper shopping!

but some of it did go here

which i love ~ separating the single sheets of paper from the paper pads

something i'm currently working on is tags/labels for the green bins

a making memories turn organizer which i got an a garage sale.. its in ruff shape.. but does the job!

marker/pens.. now sitting on my desk ~ so much easier to use now..

corner view from sitting at my scrap desk

fabric scraps

technique shelf

and... my new banner!.. come back friday and i'll show you how i made it

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