October 6, 2010

insparation... from target?

who knows where you're ever going to find inspiration?
but recently i found it at my local target.. yep target!...
i know the lady shopping in the next rack thought "she's crazy".. when i started taking these pictures
but hey... ya got to.. then ya just got to!

this is my inspiration

target T-shirts

Loving these mary janes.. and the color combo!

how fancy nancy and sweet as pie is this?!
mostly i love the color combo!

i NEED this shirt.. but my boobies aren't fitting in that thing no way no how!
why oh why can't it be in my size?!!

well, i guess i can create something using this as my soul inspiration!

1 comment:

  1. Hi there :D Thanks for coming by! My daughter was totally mad that they didn't have that Mary Jane shirt in her size.