October 19, 2010

couldn't refuse.. $, love, and scrapping!

whoa nelly! things have been a little crazy around our house lately!
for starters.. i've started working again
out of the blue i received an offer and i couldn't refuse!

the top 3 reasons i couldn't refuse:
#1. $
#2. the position allows me to work from home
#3. did i mention..$? (which = more scrap supplies! yay!)

in addition to normal life ~ taken care of house and family (full time job in itself)
 i have to scrap and blog about it all for "you" guys! (FUN full time "hobby")
+ now.. i'm working.. but it doesn't stop there.. no no that would be too normal 
and we're never normal around here.. i'm now also {drum roll please} ...
...planning our wedding!
that's right our wedding ~ do i hear bells ringing?

after almost five years we thought we would actually set a date and do the deed..  
minds out of the gutter!.. i'm speaking of course about getting hitched!
{anyone interested in following my wedding plans?} well, i thought maybe a few of you might
so, i'm creating a special tabbed page where you can follow any doings, makings, ideas, plans, purchases and of course anything else crafty or randomness about our wedding!
sound groovy?!

keep checking back for all the juicy details..
meanwhile, you can drop a couple congrats (and or ideas) my way.. i'm ok with that.. hehe!!:)