September 20, 2010


....have never really been my thing.. 
i'm more of a die-cut and 3D embellisher (maybe that's why i like mini's so much!
but when i was over at a friends craft room she was showing me some of her favorites.. 
and i started to understand why some scrappers like it so much..

this is what i created:

distressed tags with vintage images and pictures

alcohol ink samples

a mini stamped 1 sheet paper "book"

some random die-cuts
scanned & printed on colored card stock

water stamping
not sure i like the process of this so much.. 
it makes quite the mess
but i love... LOVE the final look of it!! 
which of course makes it worth it!

more water stamping

ya know when you have one of those days 
you just can't get a project done or you don't feel like scrapping.. 
that's the perfect time to make a couple of techniques to have for a later project! just think how much faster you could complete a project!... to have finished sampled techniques to work with all ready!

lord knows i can't wait to use all these on some projects!


  1. Thanks for sharing the fun techniques!

  2. oh you're welcome! thanks for checking it out!