September 17, 2010

all day crop with krispies!

this past saturday was an all day crop at kelly's house and it was a blast!!
she was providing the full menu ~ which was fantastic
sorry, i didn't manage to take pictures of the dishes served.. i just down it! 

the croppin menu
breakfast: yogart and muffins
lunch: carnitas tocas and amazing bean dip (ya know kelly i really do need that recipe!)
dinner: pizza and baby herb and blue cheese salad! 
thanks kelly, it was truly fantastic! 

well, i didn't realize at the time she had something so fancy planned but i wanted to take a little something.. 
so, i made rice krispies. i thought they would go over really good.. 
even if they did cause a couple sticky fingers

here is the recipe i used

marshmallow krispie cakes
9oz bag of carmels
4 Tbles butter
3Tbles milk
1 cup marshmellows
6 cups rice krispies

1. lightly brush an 8"x13" pan with oil. set aside.
 2. put carmel, butter and milk in a saucepan and heat gently, 
stirring untill the carmel has melted
3. add the marshmellows and cerel, and stir until well mixed and the marshmellows have melted
4. spoon into the prepared pan, leval the surface and allow to set. 
cut into squares.

and here is how i made my presentation:

step #1. find cute muffin tins
step #2. match to coordinating papers

step #3. find "banner/flag" shape. i used for the sweetheart cricut cartridge

step #4. cut out as many as krispies you have
step #5. fold in half

step #6 fold around tooth picks

step #7 add embelishment or label
~ i used hot pink glitter paper with a mini flower punch ~

step #8 put each rice krispy into muffin tin

step #9. add flags

step #10 make cute tag to label
~ you could write out the recipe on the back of the tag so anybody that wanted could copy ~

then it was off to the crop!

super croppin!

showing off our work

talking painting..

now doesn't that look like fun!
and yes those are the new m&m's with pretzels in the middle.. 
i think the bowl sitting in front of me.. was empty before lunch!! :)

my croppin area

with all this super girlyness going on.. i had to create a super duper fancy nancy mini.. 
can't wait to show you..! 
just have to add some finished touches and i'll show ya next week!


  1. FUN FOR YOU!! :)

    You should try making rice krispies using fruity pebbles instead!! They would be colorful! I don't think it would go good with the caramel variation--but just plain marshmallow would be awesome! Either way, I like your little flags.

  2. thanks macy oh and i love the fruity pebble idea!! going to try those next for sure!