September 21, 2010

daily favorites:

things i l♥ve... right now

 this green crochet headband
.. although i think the mannequin head is a little creepy..
from etsy

what a piece of art!
from etsy

big flowers for your hair
and mini hats for your head!
flower and hat from

makes me want to... 

learn how to crochet!
pictured here

so i can make little..

flower with leaf
pictured here

or lots of button flowers 
pictured here

of course.. if i caught on and got really good 
maybe i could try making.. 

a gorgeous butterfly
pictured here

or cherries!
pictured here

and of course i'll want to make..

a crochet scrapbook!
from here

so.. does anyone know how to crochet?... 
and do you want to teach me?? :)

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