September 2, 2010

the color room : thursday

this is what i made
(another layout for my sister in law.. for back story see here)  

normally in a layout, i concentrate more on the die-cuts and composition of the layout itself.. but this picture really needed technique! so.. it has time holtz distressing ink and crackle finish, sewing around the frame and whole layout - first time i've ever done this! and i colored the flowers and fler leaves using prismacolor colored pencils.

oh.. and about the journaling!.. 
macy is a real explain the story kind of gal.. in writing... me.. not so much (see every layout i've ever made!) so i thought in every layout i do for her.. i would leave a little area for her to write out/journal whatever back story she wanted.. here is where i left the journaling spaces..

hope you love it macy.. its all yours!

1 comment:

  1. It's AMAZING! Love all the journaling spots! I really like the idea of filling it out myself--besides that will save you a teeny bit of work! :)

    The frame is cool! I'm gonna gush 'thank you' every single time--because I am so excited! THANK YOU!