September 10, 2010


Art Office and Education

glue dots
mini clothes pins
x-acto blades
2 metal mini clips

and my favorite - a roll of textured cardboard!
this texture is going to be fun to play with.. paint.. whatever!!...

every time i'm their store i make a list for the following visit
(cause let's face it... i couldn't buy the whole store and fit it in my car! )

a.o.e buy list - for next time
golden - paints & texture
canvas - by the yard
bristol paper- small pack
portfolio - for art sketches
trading cards - from art papers
cards - stationary
cheese cloth - 1.39 yd
textile paint
tidy tray
grafix craft plastic
fiskars trimmer 

lord knows i won't be able to buy all that in the same visit.. but eventually.. it'll all find a home in my lovely scrap room!

 till next time

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