December 11, 2011

mod podge and poinsettias

just thought i say a quick hello with a tiny little update, first off never have your wisdom teeth taken out! K. now that we have that covered.. but before i run off to get these stack of Christmas cards all addressed and ready to send out tomorrow.. i wanted to show off one of the fancies on our tree this year.

hand made poinsettias

this is how they started out..

so i guess they weren't entirely handmade

but a little misting, spray inks along side some mod podge and tons of glitter... our tree is looking fine! 

 hope ya'll holidays are super festive!


  1. Ooooh the pointsettias look lovely! and what a mighty fancy tree you've got, already up? My goodness, how are you feeling with 4 wisdom teet pulled out?! I though having just the one taken out was almost more than I could take brrrr! xoxox

  2. AWWWW poor you, hope you are feeling better! Loving the tree and those pointsettias are adorable, take care, Doreen x