October 12, 2011

Layout of the Week

last week was a brief break from the honeymoon layouts but now i'm back into retro Vegas honeymoon Big time with a gambling layout. 
taking pictures in the casinos was of course difficult to say the least - forget the lighting it was more about the HUGE men in a black suits staring me down with darth vader like qualities!
21 was a big hit with eric and by big hit i mean $800. win for a $20 buy in big hit!! 

this button and i have had quite the love affair over the years and to be fair i thought it was finally time to let it go and have a life of its own - gosh its soo yummy!


  1. Wow, loving your new super, cool, looking blog, very professional, lots of things I have missed, been super busy with work, home etc.etc. hope you are well, take care, Doreen x

  2. Doreen beat me to it; really looks über cool! took me a while to find where to comment but now I'm on track. Hey congrats on the win! hope your hubbie let you in on the win and treated you to a dinner in true Las Vegas style! Mwah!

  3. hey thanks guys! love all the sweet comments! glad you're figuring it out.. i'm still trying to adjust to it myself too!