October 5, 2011

Layout of the Week

this is the first in a mini series i'm doing for my closet 
- which i have been working on almost all year.. the closet that is. updating cleaning out-dated styles and sizes that are only a dream at this point (to think i used to be a size 2!) anyway... these are a couple reminders that my day is fabulous as i make it and it all starts in my closet

fun texture - you can't tell here but the bow hangs way below the layout itself.. since i know its not going into an album i had fun making it a little more 3D then normal.

  the chip-bird is one of my favorites and the hand-stitching.. well that would be a good sign of buying quality don't you think?

1 comment:

  1. Another totally fabulous birdie! it's wonderful! and do I spy a spray from your wedding?