September 23, 2009

old pages

here's a couple of older "loose" pages i've done

girls day out antiquing! it was a fun day

don't use hearts very often but felt it was almost necessary on this page

and lots of them at that!

he's mine!

had trouble with this page - changed it a hundred times and finally went with something funky and loving it

had to scrap this cartoon!

something simple to speak for itself


  1. Hey Rebekah - how did you get the "reactions" thing on your blog? I love it and want to add it to mine! :)

  2. you know stef - apparently i didn't save the site and i've looked everywhere for the link. but basicaly it was a "how to custumize your blog" website it had a list of things "you" could do easly and point by point steps on how to do them - like a bloging for dummies.. i'll continue to look cause it was a great site, kinda bummed i didn't save it under favorties. sorry this isn't more helpful - but if i do find it i will post it for you.

  3. oh i do want to say the only thing i don't really like about this feature is it doesn't tell you who left the comment.. it just gives a number example - (2) like.