September 17, 2009

cards for paul

friday the 11th I participated in my FIRST crop ever!

i wanted a simple project so there was plenty of time to check out what everyone else was up too! how they "work", how the crop "works" and just to hang out at the store.

These cards = my project. the basis/propose for these cards are my youngest brother paul shipped out for boot camp (Paris island) Monday the 14th and i wanted to make him a couple cards to send him in between the other letters i send him - i plan on writing him everyday over the next 13 weeks so i wasn't going to make a card for everyday - but a couple i thought would be nice.

the self made requirements for making the cards were:

~ simple

~ flat (nothing bulky is a requirement from the marines)

~ energetic

~ masculine

the first one i sent with him to read on the ride to boot camp

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