September 9, 2009

One of my goals for this year was to participate in a social scrap (see my “goals for 2009” mini album”) whether it was a crop, convention, or a class at Jo-Ann’s. Anything really that would be considered a “social” scrap. I’ve never participated in one of any kind and always shied away from them not knowing what to do, bring or what to expect.

Thinking seriously as the year has gone on and still having NOT participated in any sort of crop.. (not really getting very far with this goal) I put on my thinking hat on and had a brilliant idea - I should work at a scrap store!

At the beginning of the summer I talked to Ruban Rouge and asked if they needed any part-time help, not expecting to much but hoping for a connection. The answer was - the summer was slow and they were doing some “cutting down” themselves but I should call back in the fall when things get a little busier.

So last week I called and spoke with Lisa (the owner) and she asked me to email her my resume, cover letter and the link to… my blog… “Scrapbooking Boutique” 5 days later, which was yesterday, Tuesday, September 8th Lisa emailed me back and asked me to come in the store to meet with her and talk about a position in the store. Instant excitement! I hopped in the car and was on my way faster then you could say “glue dots!” The connection was instant and tomorrow is my first day! I’m super stoked and am going to participate in my FIRST crop this Friday! How exiting!

Beyond the fact that this achieves a personal goal for me it’s a learning experience far beyond what I could have imagined. Working with other scrapbookers, card makers and crafters alike will stimulate my mind to create what I believe will be something beyond that I’ve created so far. I look forward to helping other scrapers and learning from them as well!

While at the store I perused around and purchased a couple items that could not be left behind!

A mirror album (might get a couple more of these) how amazing! Haven’t seen this before. Not sure what or how I’m going to use it yet but looking forward to thinking and creating some possibilities.

Transparency frames - can’t get enough of anything transparent and these will work nicely in the quote book I’m finishing up.

The other thing was a cropper hopper paper holder - boy did I need one of these. It was on sale (it was used - but mint condish) for 2.99! What a steal!

The last thing was black flowers also purchased with the intention of using them in my quote book.
When I picked up Alex this afternoon from school he saw the black flowers and said “you should cut those up and make them in the shape of Belle (our dog) and then put brown button eyes and a collar on her… that would be a good idea don’t you think?” I starred at him thinking… maybe I should take him scrap supply shopping with me with ideas like that! What a great idea!
With so much to come there’s so much to talk about and will be so much more to POST on! I’ll keep you guys up-to-date as much as possible! So excited about it all!

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