October 11, 2009

dad & me

a new mini i've just finished of eric and alex, walking away. taking pictures of these guys has always been the biggest struggle - neither enjoy the vanity of taking a good shot - so my creative side kicked in and i took pictures of them walking hand in hand. these are some of my favorite shots of our favorite trips, vacations and outings.

the book still needs a set of brassed rings but i've had the darnedest time trying to find them. so i'm posting with only three rings of the wrong color.. but you get the idea..

surf fishing on the beach. one of the guys favorite things.

we had annual passes to the ZOO last year and we went almost every weekend! those frequent visits provided some great times and amazing shots!

annual passes are the answer to all scrapbookers problems.. if you don't get a good shot now, y'all get it next time!

the fall festival - (where we get our halloween and thanksgiving pumpkins) it's quickly becoming a fall family tradition.

our trip to the butterfly house - what a time!

not very often do i use tags or mini pages within a book (like i did here) but the idea is growing on me. it adds a great place for additional journaling, pictures or just fun space for a title.

its a simple book made wholly from scraps but its just the right amount of fun and masculine for the guys.

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