August 7, 2009

Some people’s favorite childhood movies are “The Wizard Of OZ” some the “Goonies” maybe “Dirty Dancing” or the ever so popular “Star Wars” but my favorite growing up was by far “Mary Poppins”. the magical experience that is “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious”, “I Love to Laugh”, and “Stay Awake”… it’s mystical qualities its magical values and most of all the creativity and colors that inspires me. I decided to create a page to celebrate my enjoyment and love for the movie.

Normally, I use pictures as my inspiration in designing a layout, not having one this time I went online to search and the inspiration came from "Mary Poppins the New Musical".

The city top I drew out by hand (while looking at the inspiration print on the computer) on a template then cut it out and used it to trace on the first color of cardstock and flipped the template each new color so each new city top cardstock didn’t appear the same. The “Mary Poppins” I printed out and enlarged with our copier and cut her out using and Exacto knife, then adhered Doodlebug’s crushed velvet to give her a “real” look.

The print around the bottom of the page says “Last week I was having one of those “nothings going my way” days, I need a boost, I needed “supercalifragilisticexpialidocious” with a quick run to Best Buy I bought the 45th anniversary edition and have been loving it ever since.”

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  1. Wow---COD map pack is really letting you get some major scrapping done!! It looks awesome!! I can't wait to see all this stuff in person!

    I'm bringing my laptop when we come over--and you can scrap book while I catch up on scrapblogging!! It should be fun!