August 13, 2009

Letters, Layouts and Colors

Layouts, Letters and Colors these idea boxes have been so much help!

The Layouts box is litterally that - layouts. I "copy" them from magizines, design some myself then draw 'em out on graph paper which I adher to a blank card. On the back of the blank card I write where i got the idea from and write each time i use that layout on what. All the layouts are organized by how many pictures that layout holds.

Each numbered chipboard divider I made with black and what glitter paper from DCVW glitter
pack. The numbered tabs are made with my Cricut machine cartridge favorite things.

The Letters box is leftover letters (and some new) that I put in lower and upper cased tapped envelopes. Organized of course alphabetically, this makes it quick and easy to look for whatever letter is needed for a layout.

The Colors box is the most fun - I use this one for color insparation. Anytime I see a color combonation i like - normally in home magizines - I match the colors used in the insparation picture to paint chips. I then tape the paintchips to the outside of an envelope. The inside of the envelope is where I store the origional insparation page as a referance for how "they" used the colors. I have been known to take pages out of magizines jsut about everywhere - although i normally ask if the magizine is new...

Hope you find some of my organizing ideas helpful!

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