August 21, 2010

day 3 blog hop

welcome back to day 3 of my first ever blog hop!

as promised today i'm sharing all the funner (pronounced: Fun.errrrrrrr) details of my educational mini album! its a huge post so get a nice big cup a joe.. or in my case.. a hazelnut cappuccino, cozy up and hopefully this will inspire you to capture and create something all your own!

first i'll show you some of the details
then i'll go over how i made them

so here it is:

i wanted the album to be a literal translation of how i see my educational experiances

taking the idea literally i used;
card board to represent - kindergarden  
fabric to represent - college where i studied fashion design
patterned paper to represent - useing what i've learned in a positive way
i also wrote this out (even to a little more detail) and added it in one of the envelopes (shown later in post). 

it says:
my first memory
of going to school
was pre k
sitting at a wood desk
on the front row
and the teacher
gave me a gum drop 
for coloring a perfect page

checker boarded fabric sewn on the sewing machine

it says:
"when i grow up i want to be a"
...then i realized how long i would have to go to school.. so i decided on something a little more fun.. 
+ design comes a little more natural to me then book learning!

this was a detailed textured "page" that was sewn all by hand!

hang cut envelope with all my piano recital brochers hidden where they are safe from curious eyes!

back of envelope

the chalk board paper says:
(written with a white prisma colored pencil) 
"there once was a girl
who had a curl
right in the middle 
of her forehead
and when she was good
she was very good
but when she was bad
she was horrid! 
...this was quoted to me almost everyday...

love this quote!

now for the how to/how i did section

this is the bare naked book
before i started adding any "education" :)

+ rings
+ some patterned paper

one of the fabrics i used - burlap

using a zig zag stitch

i sewed strips onto the edge of the burlap
easy said easy done!

this wool fabric is one of my favorites
i bought it while in NYC with hot pink lining and made a lined pencil skirt!
these are the scraps.. and i used it along with..

this beautiful / colorful cotton print i purchased at scrap n sew

1st. i cut the tulip shapes flowers
and with unfinished edges...

hand sewed them to the wool fabric
with a very basic whip stitch

stuffing batting in the base of the petals for extra dimention

after whip stitching the base and adding the batting

i cut tiny strips of tulle and cross-stitching fabric and placed underneath the flower

this helped create a full 3D look!

then i added a 2nd row of flowers
completing the "page"

using this raw silk
(which i got when i was still working and designing at silk loom)

i created this checkerboard "page" 

i cut several strips and wove them and layered them 
then sewed down the white strips only

this is the back of the "page"

because there were so many 3D items i wanted to inculde but couldn't fit into the book 
i made this little pocket book
to saftely keep all those little ribbons, awards and so on

with a zipper.. for easy access 

so this is the completed book.. but honestly i had so much fun with it.. i may continue to add.. cause let's face it.. do you ever really stop learning?
hope you liked it and it inspires you to create something funner of your own!
if you try something like this i'd love to see it!!

tomorrow i will be announcing the winner of a THIS little mini 

its NOT to late to enter to win
all you have to do is 
#1 become a follwer
#2 become a facebook friend
#3 comment at this post and let me know you did!

also.... tomorrow there is a HUGE surprise in store with another giveaway! 
i promise you'll love it!! 
check out what
have done!
and see you tomorrow!


  1. Ooh, it turned out really nice!! I'm so glad you're finally doing this blog hop you've been talking about!! Yay!

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    - April W

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    Thanks for taking the time to share this very special project with us.