July 28, 2009


My Cricut was a gift from Eric Christmas 07’ and has been my most loved tool in my scrapbook room since. Currently I have 11 cartridges and use them for letters, numbers, shapes, frames and die-cuts that frankly I just don’t know how I lived without! The best part is how easy it is to use and has lowered the overall cost of my supply shopping by quite a bit. Although I have to admit one of my favorite things is a good scrapbooking shopping spree! Who wants to shop for clothes and shoes when you can by transparencies, ribbon and rub-ons!


  1. I absolutely love my Cricut! I tried the more expensive "professional" kind of cutter first. it took me days to cut my first thing. When I got my Cricut, I was cutting within minutes of taking it out of the box. I have the software, too, that connects to the computer and that's wonderful for making the tiny things I need for card-making! The Cricut was my best investment ever.

  2. Yes! i totally agree so easy to use! The fun shapes it can make can be used around the home, card making and scrapbooking i'm sure it could do whatever your creativity could imagine!