June 23, 2009

the progress in my scrap book room has been on going for approximately two years. first it was figuring out just what type of furniture i needed to organize my embellishments, a desk, and then the fun part, how did i want to decorate?

the decision was a Paris boutique theme with a color scheme of black & white, grey and punches of lime green.

i designed my desk and my brother built it. there hasn't been a day i haven't used it and loved everything about it. the glass top, the side "pockets" to hold my most used items and most important the sliding tray "draw" where i store my projects so they can dry and the cat can't impose her own design with fur on my wet projects! my original intent was that all my furniture would be grey - as my desk is however, my brother got a promotion and was not able to build the rest of my components.. poo!

the search went on for a cube styled cabinet where bins would be labeled with embellishments bursting out the top. i wanted the room to have a clean look and feel, but being a visual person and needed to see everything i have to work with or i forget to use it. finally i found everything i needed at the same place and substantial leaps have been made since the new local Ikea opened!

the latest addition is my curtain which took over a year to find the right fabric. it had to be none other then black and white damask! my sister in law was the one to make the discovery while the two of us where shopping together. thank you, it's perfect!

there is much more i want to do in the room besides the constant updating of new supplies. a green rug with tone on tone geometric shapes - could have white but must not be a shag rug because of all the small elements i work with. also, a chandelier would set the Paris boutique theme but lighting is very important so i may have to stick with the fan.

whatever i end up doing or not doing I'm proud of this room - its my dream scrap book, crafting room and i look forward to working in it more and more as all the details come together.


  1. I'm so excited we were able to find your fabric in the most random place!!

    I hope you do keep up with this blog, and that using blogger gets easier with experience. ;)

  2. thanks macy! i'm looking forward to making another post real soon!

  3. How fun. Professional yet practical. Love the curtain. Mom

  4. I love, love, love your craft room. It is simply beautiful.