May 3, 2012

sneak peek reveal #2

thought i would start revealing all those sneak projects and after some thought i'm going to start with 

project #2 

mostly because its finished but also because of what it is. what is it? you ask. well, it is an idea book. a place where i doodle random geniusness, sketch out new designs, & other wonderful stuffages. so all my great ideas and thoughts are in one basket so to speak {which works great for ideas.. not so much for eggs} this way i know just where to go to find that one idea just when i need it or when i can't think of what the project i'm working on needs... i go to the idea book ~ it holds the answers to all life's problems. 

the 1st thing i wanted out of this book was:
#1. easy to use. 
which means i needed: 
A: the book to fold open easily so i can write/draw without embellishments or 3D objects making the book uneven. hence the very undecorated cover.

(inside cover) 

the 2nd thing i wanted out of this book was:
   #2. unnamed
i didn't want a big title for the world to read or anyone to know just what this book was about (yet here i am telling you all my secrets.. silly me) the reason you ask. well, i lot of times i look for inspiration outside of my own house. for example tea & coffee shops, a local outdoor mall, book stores, the park & so on. and i wanted to be able to take this idea book with me in all these places and doodle and jot down whatever came to me without the rest of the world knowing they were my inspiration. silly maybe.. but also, labeling creativity seemed limiting to me.. i didn't want it to be an idea book or call it an art journal.. i just want a blank book to hold all my thoughts and it is what i put it in. that's all. 

because it is however, a random compilation of amazing thoughts and ideas the cover should have at least 1 amazing idea, technique or.. something.

 i popped in a movie (or 2) and hand-stitched the blanket stitch because its my all time favorite hand-stitch. i remember my mother teaching me when i was very young and have very found memories of  that experience. + it was on my baby blankie.. so it makes me feel warm and loved.. which always brings the best ideas flowing. 

the 3rd thing i wanted out of this book was:
lots of great workable paper for carrying my thoughts.

whatever paper spoke to me is what i choose.
some paper very special to me (a gift from eila over at dollops of scraps)

of course a ton of kraft paper. which is great for doodles & sketches

and a little strip of paper with a mini staple for tabs - makes it easier to divide up ideas and find them again.

 this book will be an evolutionary book or an ongoing project so to speak as i have ideas and add stuffages to it of course it won't look quite like an empty nest waiting to be loved

but instead a well loved book of art -

so far its been working out glamorously!

thanks for checking it out


  1. Wow, awesome book, love those stitches, the whole think is looking beautiful can't wait to see some sneeks as you start filling it up. Thanks you so much for the lovely funny comments you have left me today, totally cracked me up your humour. xox

  2. This is really so beautiful Bekah! you know already the blanket stitching had me from starters, adorable work! xoxo