May 10, 2012

sneak peak reveal #1

the 2nd reveal in our sneak peak series is actuality

project #1

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this is a memories art journal - made just for me. awww wasn't that nice of myself.. 
you think i jest. really i don't make that many books just for myself but this year is coming up with lots of good stuff and i'd like to remember all of it. so here's my memory art journal.... at least the bare bones of it

there are many paper collections used in this book. i just went through my stash looking for colorful pages to inspire. keeping with the same girly rock star theme

with all the colorful pages i occasionally added a little kraft paper. there is a lot of white space/pages also but that's still a mix with the pattern paper itself.. + the contrast of the kraft is super yummy ~ its one of my favorites & i try and sneak it in almost every one of my projects

there is a LOT of pink in this album.. being that the base of the book covers and some of the pages are all teresa collins & the only way i really care for pink is with orange.. then i quite like it!

 lord knows every girl needs a SASSY page in their journal! 

 pink & orange pocket.. looking forward to stuffing this with something super fabulous! 

 tabs are my new favorite thing.. i'm putting them on everything! 

 so excited about the little hints of sassafras lass pages (above left page) i had leftover from another project (class) i'm going to miss them. they had such great colors & borders.. which are my next favorite thing to add to everything.. don't know what your page needs? add a border! :)

 this pocket made of clocks standing still i thought was super "sweet" - cause when i'm having the most fun.. that's just what i want - time to stand still. hence the "sweet" tag stuffed in the pocket.

 file folders are the best! not sure to many other collections that contain them quite like teresa collins.. she must have the market on them.. however that's about to change because yesterday (gosh darn it i'm so excited) i found a file folder punch at tuesday morning for $5! you believe me - on top of borders, tabs.. now we're talk folders! so happy! 

talking about happy! yay!

 thanks for checking out my sneak peak. hope you likey! ~R

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  1. Vibrant, bold and happy combos of colour are such promises of beautiful memories captured! look forward to see what photos will be tucked into your album! have a wonderful week! xoxo