April 5, 2012

well, hello... stranger

ok, so i waited a teeny tiny bit longer than first anticipated (insert innocent smiley face here) however, i really wanted to be sure before i decided on which way was up and what exactly i was going to be doing... i've changed my mind more times than i think almost humanly possible! seriously it could be in the world record status here people!

when it all comes down to it i asked myself one question:
why do i want to continue blogging?

the answer: i enjoy it.

thank you, to those of you who encouraged me to find myself, stay in cyber land & those of you who even encourage me to go further and be even a better blogger! i love that about my cyber buddies!

going forward i'm going to continue posting craft projects but its going to be done a little differently - i'm still working out all the details in my own mind but they will consist of better posts, better projects and maybe just maybe a little something where y'all will get to know me.. perhaps in a way you've never known me... we'll see.

thanks again for all the love and support and i'll see ya soon with an exciting new colorful post.

1 comment:

  1. Yah, your back, hope to see some of your work on here soon, take care and have a fab Easter x