January 28, 2012

not to leave you in the dark...

with so many things to say its best to just keep it simple… I’m going to be taking a short vaca from blogging for the month of February to really consider options.... honestly I’ve been struggling with the time and dedication this blog takes and there are always so many fun projects to talk about and share. 
always love visiting ya’lls great blogs to see what you’re up to but the response I’ve been getting - or should I say not getting as of late has been a little discouraging. not sure just how I’m going to continue my blogging or IF I will continue at all.. For now I’m just calling it a vacation and we’ll see what time tells.. 
Have a wonderful Valentines and I’ll check back soon.. seriously.


  1. Hi Rebekah,
    hope you return to our screens after some time to think, I for one adore your posts and your zany sense of fun, take care, Doreen x

  2. Been thinking of you and checking in on you regularly but you have kind of disappeared from everywhere. Hope you've come to a good conclusion during your month of thinking, the world would be a lot less colourful place without your goofy humour and adorably wacky posts.
    If you scroll down the posts on my blog, you will soon come to my recent trip to London aaaaand might spot a familiar face or two ....
    Ahem, any news on-you-know-what?
    xoxoxo Eila

  3. Hey! GREAT to hear from you again after all this time!! you back into scrapping now or just decided to make a quick visit? what have you been up to since January? Lots to catch up on I beat! Take care! xoxox