January 3, 2012

getting to know you #101

when eric and i moved in together we just mashed all the stuff we already owned together and called it home. now, 5+ years later and still in our first year of marriage we are trying to define our style together as a couple and family. so, let's talk style.

what's yours?

Hollywood Regency

Eclectic "Hodgepodge"


Shabby Chic

love to hear about your family's style.. {and maybe i'll learn a little from you!}


  1. I think I am the Hollywood Regency, our living room is cream with black and white but I do love leopard print which can be found around the house as well LOL, hope you are well Doreen x

  2. Interesting question and I totally get where you are coming from, I love all those pictures you showed but I am sure mine is the mixe of hodgepodge...lol Love,love, love the Shabby Chic but definitely not to my husbands liking, and I can't stand my house to look like a show home it has to looked lived in and I can't afford a maid, so it looks like I stuck with the general lived in style. What did you decide on?