July 11, 2010

scraporium shopping spree

a little extra cashesh called for a scraporium shopping spree (say that 10 times really fast!)
and i'm sooo excited about my finds!
the 7gypsies mini book was 40% off - so that was a must! 
not sure what i'm doing with it but for 40% off.. why didn't i get more then one?? silly rebekah!

and the tiny attacher i've been wanting for quite some time! it was a little spurlge and i can't put it down!!

the glimmer mist is a 1st for me.. yep you heard right - i've never used it!
so i'm looking forward to giving it a wirl! i got the marshmellow color 

which i think will go beautifully with the road show collection by fancy pants.

think i'm going to visit whim so doddle or look online to see if i can find the rest of the collection, i bought everything scraporium had left! love this collection!
think it will make a gorgeous baby mini book!

here is the collection..

bought 2 sheets

bought 2 sheets 

out of these i have the cards (bottom left) 
and the strips (bottom right) 
chic strips (top right) 
2 sheets each

i want to get the delicate dots (middle right)
dilly daily (top right) 

this is amazing!! i would incorporate this into a mini book.. 
instead of using them for the cards they were designed for! how innovative of me! :)
but i'm going to have to find it first!!

journal book
tags & titles
and ribbon!! all a must!!
rubons are one of my favorites!!
and buttons and brads!! no mini book can go without!!

then there's stickers and letters..
i loooooovveeeeee the stickers!!

ok now i have to get the rest of this!! so i can start on this book! 
it might even be enough to make 2 books and a couple layouts!

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