June 7, 2010

palette #9

i've been a member of the color room for a while but never posted any pictures or participated in a given color palette until now, which is surprising considering my general dislike and meaning of the color pink. however, what really caught me was the combination of the 4 given colors and even more surprising was how many supplies i had with pink in them.
maybe i'm to quick to judge this color of "weakness" and femininity.. cause i was soo inspired by this combination i created 3 layouts!

the latest palette #9

here are my creations

my two favorite photos taken of me while in england
the one of me sitting was taken (by mom) in greenage - south of london - you can see canary warf in the background
the up close face shot in brighton england

up close of my handmade circle flower

this photo was taken in moscow russia
the first and last time i've ever and will ever attempt to ice skate

up close of paper flower

this photo was taken in atlanta ga by a professional photographer and is one of my favorites of way back in my short short hair days.

up close of prima flower with jilli bean button and netting added for texture.
hope this inspires you.. check out the color room!


  1. Love all of your handmade flowers, Peg! Also, its interesting of them to pair the pale blue with the pink and burgundy. I like it actually!

  2. oh thanks macy!! they were fun to create and i'm looking forward to the next color palette!