November 3, 2009

all xmas, no pictures

unfortunately, all the scrap booking I've been doing lately are Christmas gifts so there's not much to show (before Christmas) of my time as of late - even the purchases i've made! which are fansatic i might say! there are so many great lines out right now. the websters ribbions are amazing i love them more then the pages themselves! i'm also, all about the cosmo cricket! love em' all of em'! when i get back to scraping for myself i will be using all of those! but for now it's the unamed and the unshown items all for gifts - so no you can't have a look until after the holidays.
but i will be posting other projects that i must finish (example paul's marine book which i sewed by hand!) before the holidays - we see him on the 11th of Dec so it will be done hopfully by the end of Nov.
talk soon and hopfully with pictures of fun stuff!

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